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Tired of living in your dull room? Call interior designer Ghislaine Viñas. The renown interior designer from the Netherlands has caught the world’s attention with her loud yet classic interior designs. Take a look at some of her work!

A beach house in Long Island, New York

Aren’t you impressed?

One thing I really love about Ghislaine’s work is that she’s not afraid to play with color. The trend right now seems to be going with neutral and pastel colors – nothing that really stands out. However, Ghislaine goes to a whole new level by incorporating colors into her houses! Although bright colors can be a disaster, the way she mixed it with quiet colors really brings it down and creates a cohesive room! The pink bathroom with the purple chandelier is to die for!

Another thing that really stands out is her mix of classic and modern pieces. Take a look at the room with the white fireplace and the blue sofa. It looks sleek but cozy at the same time! Ghislaine is a genius at creating this mysterious effect that not everybody can pull off. The pink chandelier is definitely modern but brings with it a classic look.

The last thing to keep in mind when looking at Ghislaine’s designs is that she uses white. Her bold color choices need a breath of air and what’s a better color than white? White is a color that possesses the ability to compliment any color. White furniture is a must in any house!

So what do you think? Try using her techniques of using classic designs but bold color! Don’t forget to let your eyes rest with a bit of white in here and there.

Check out more of Ghislaine’s work!


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