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Interesting art pieces from around the world

Although we all lead extremely busy and occupied lives… there comes a time when there is a need to kill time! I have made a list of the list of sites I go to whenever I wish to kill time!

  1. The first one is very cool… It’s a site that collects “Pictures of Walls”. I know it may sound boring but don’t let that discourage you! It’s a neat little site with pictures of… walls. The walls have funny or inspiring messages on them! These pictures will make you cry and laugh! Once you get started looking at these pics, you won’t be able to stop! Click:
  2. This link will direct you to a simple, yet intriguing game. It’s “Guess the Google”! It will show  you boxes of pictures and you have to guess what the word was that showed these images on Google. Make sure you get your spelling correct! These pictures can sometimes be tricky. Once when I was shown sake (the Japanese beer), I kept writing saki and of course got it incorrect every time…
  3. This addictive interactive feature developed by zefrank called Scribbler is very addictive. Once you start, you will never be able to stop. It’s easy to use but creates something actually artsy and creative. If you show off to your friends that you did this, they will definitely be impressed!
  4. Here you can find a variety of different creative and artistic flash illustrations created by aron sommer. Click on all the interactive features to discover a wide range of interesting flash products. I warn you, the site if very pointless but interesting!
  5. To look at new and innovative ideas of the 21st century, Share Some Candy is the way to go. On this website, you are able to discover new designs and illustrations that you have probably never thought of before. It provides really new and interesting products from the latest and hottest thinkers.

Now when you’re bored, no worries! Visit one of these five sites!


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