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Okay, I have a confession to make. I am somewhat materialistic and I tend to feel a warm, fuzzy feeling inside of me when I see a new product of article of clothing in my hands. When I make the purchase, I glow with happiness and imagine the many different way I can use it. This happiness lasts for days, maybe even weeks – that is before I have another urge to buy something else.

Some people may disapprove of such behavior, but I think why not? I make purchases I know I can afford and will use. The bubbling sensation inside me is rare and priceless.

Many would describe this as “materialism” but I beg to differ. Materialism indicates the theory that material things are the only things that matter. However, I wouldn’t call my guilty pleasures the only thing that matter in the world. I care for my family and friends more than I would ever for all my belongings.

I believe that it’s important to possess greed for more material things. That way, you can push yourself to want better things for yourself. It’s always good to have ambition… but not to the extent where it controls every aspect of your life. Relationships with close people around you and far from you are the most important thing in your life that you must protect and create. In my opinion, the most important thing in life is to learn how to surround yourself with friends and family who truly care.

Material goods fade and new trends replace the old ones that had once brought so much pleasure to you. But a good friend will always stand by your side and be ready to give you a smile.


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