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Art and Other Things

Interesting art pieces from around the world

Check out this amazing video titled “Symmetry” by Everynone.

It’s an incredible video of totally different but related things and people and animals set against each other! I love how the group puts together such an impacting video with such simple images and clips.

The video starts out with simple things like peanut butter against jelly, creating a contrasting image of two different objects that are… related! It’s incredible the message it sends as the clip continues to make such great contrasting images such as a man in the bathroom against a women drinking water.

At first because the video was set in such a light tone, using cheery images like baseballs and basketball hoops, I thought it would be a typical trendy video that had cool clips of different things in one , just arranged in a more creative way. But I was proven wrong.

As the video progresses, the images become more serious and makes you really think about how everything is connected in this world and how one this is very relevant to the other no matter how different it is. For me, especially impacting image I got was the comparison of a heart chart and a waves. They both have beats that follow a rhythm and it made me think about how things are truly related in nature…

The ending image leaves more thoughts as the video ends with an unusually long clip showing two very contrasting images: a new born baby and a dead man.

It really makes you think…

Check out more AMAZING videos by Everynone at


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