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Perhaps my response is biased because I am a high school student. However, I strongly disagree with the article’s author on her views of eliminating summer vacation. Being a student can be exciting and fun in many ways – but most of the times, it’s just plain stressful. Especially in prestigious schools where everyone is smart and participates in extracurricular activities (like mine), the pressure is on for every single student to stand out. Students deserve a break from academics to rest their brains and prepare themselves for the even more difficult year ahead of them. The article is obviously written in good intentions, meant to teach us more… but what if students don’t want that? What if we’d rather rush the finals to take a break; what if we’d rather pull all-nighters than go to school on a sunny July morning?


I’m sure we’ve all watched a drama from time to time. There’s one drama that I love and hate to watch. It’s Gossip Girl. It airs every Monday on the CW, and I’m sure to have watched it by the next day via Sidereel (No CW in Korea). What’s so intriguing about this drama is that the plot is so exciting. There are always turns and twists in the most unexpected places. Plus, the characters and the clothes are both beautiful! The characters live an extravagant life and a sweet romance that we have probably, at least once in our lives, dreamed of.

Then, why do I hate to watch it? It’s simple: the ending always leaves me hanging, and the breaks are long. Gossip Girls tends to make the ending something totally staggering and unexpected, and CW tends to go on equally staggering and unexpected breaks even during seasons. You can imagine my frustration when on my Sidereel schedule, Gossip Girl does not appear on the monday slot. And seriously. Have you guys watched this Monday’s season finale? How can you give us an ending like that and expect us not to be hungry for more? Even the promos intrigue me!

I almost want to email CW and tell them to start airing again now! And this applies not only to Gossip Girl, but all shows! Do you guys understand my frustration… or is it a teenager thing?

Check out the promo… Don’t tell me that you don’t want to know what happens!

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I’ve kind of failed to yet find a theme for my blog.
I was thinking about just doing book reviews (my last post) but I realized I don’t read enough books in order to write a whole blog about it, and the blog will be very short. And if I write reviews on books that I’ve read in the past, it won’t be so much fun. So, still looking for a theme, I’ll just write a random blog about my thoughts.
My new favorite song is “Do You Realize?” by the Flaming Lips, and it is the best song ever. It has been on repeat on my iPod for the last three days, and has already made it on my Most Played list. I usually listen to Indie, and this song is exactly my type of music. The lyrics are short, but it means so much – well to me it does anyway. I especially like the chorus part where they say “Life goes fast, and it’s hard to make the good times last”. Thus, my Facebook “Write Something…” part is dedicated to this line. I was feeling kind of down, and I realized we should just do whatever we want and enjoy it. Sorry… it was kind of a teenage moment I had over the break, but this song definitely cheered me up. Finding a good song always makes me feel better.
Even if you don’t like Indie, and never have, I still suggest this song, and promise me you’ll listen carefully to the lyrics.
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Recently, I’ve been reading Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk, one of my favorite authors. I have loved him ever since I read the Fight Club. I constantly look for his books whenever I’m at the book store, and have read his books a countless amount of times.

All his books contain an unexpected twist to them with a sense of bitter humor, and disturbing facts, but by far, Haunted is the most disturbing of them all. The book is about several different characters on a writing ‘retreat’. Their simple goal is just to write a bestseller, and hopefully make a movie. The retreat is in an abandoned theatre, and they are trapped inside for three months. During those three months, the characters must create a story that must sell. They break the furniture, cut off the water, and eventually even eat each other.

Also during those three months, each character gets on stage and tells the others the story of their life. So really, the book is a collection of short stories that are brought together by this retreat. And these stories… they allow your mind to create the most disgusting, horrid images in your head. The first story was about a tall, skinny boy, who always seemed to be eating junk food. Why was he so skinny? Why was he always eating? His guts had been sucked out by a pool drain. I almost had the urge to shield my eyes from the words, because the details just made it seem so real. I could imagine the whole thing and I could feel my face scrunching up in disgust. These stories are all the same way; so disgusting, but equally intriguing.

But the books is not all guts and ickyness, it’s often times hilarious. Palahniuk uses lots of irony in his books, and I think they’re sometimes hard to get, but after I read certain passages a few times, I get it and I laugh. Out loud. In Haunted, a character named Comrade Snarky faints, and Chef Assassin cuts off her butt, where she has a little rose tattoo. Hungry and desperate, the others characters microwave her butt and eat it. While they were enjoying their first meal in days, Comrade Snarky comes down and just happens to grab the plate with her buttock, where she had the tattoo. Then she dies. You may think it’s gross, and it is, but isn’t it… funny? Maybe that’s just my messed-up sense of humor.

Haunted is actually really, really interesting, but I don’t suggest you read it if you have a weak stomach.

An Interview with Chuck Palahniuck

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