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I’m sure all of you, as English speaking citizens of the world, have one point or at another have watched a South Park episode. If you haven’t… I’m speechless. Anyway, there has been some controversy on the latest episode, involving religion. I think when religion is mixed with satire and comedy, it just turns ugly. South Park was showing how Mohammed was a figure that was impossible to make fun of, and ironically, making fun of him. The latest episode was heavily censored by Comedy Central, and was taken down on, the show’s official internet streaming site. The creators of South Park have even been threatened by a radical Islamic site.

So… Has South Park Crossed the Line this time? Have they gone too far? After all, a religious figure and a celebrity are on different levels.

My opinion is… no. But I do think that the creators of South Park could’ve picked a more appropriate subject. I actually thought about this for a long time, and I finally found my answer when I put the situation in to my own religion. I am a Christian, and I always have been. If South Park made fun of Jesus, or God, would I be mad? Well… no. Because it’s comedy. It’s satire! And that’s what satires and comedies do. To be honest, when I was watching the latest episode with Mohammed, I laughed. A lot. That’s not being disrespectful to Mohammed, because we all know the show was just meant to be funny, and no other serious meaning buried deep inside of it.

I still do not support the choice South Park has made to made fun of a religious leader, and stand behind Comedy Central, when they heavily censored the episode.

So.. what’s your opinion? Too far?

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