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It’s a new year, and I’m ready to start fresh!

Everywhere I go there are always new things that are being invented, useful or useless, creative and new! Like my new year, I’m going to explore that new topic… Hopefully this new topic will be able to inspire me and you to take new steps!

So one goal I’ve set for myself this year is to read more books! Seems like in this century we’re living in, not many people are reading enough literature. I admit the most recent book I’ve read was fun was probably three months ago. I’ve started several books now, and I hope to end them all soon!

To match my goal, the idea I want to share with you is : The Future of Books

Look at it.. It looks totally normal! Another thick book… probably a report about how teens and adults today are not getting enough reading done and that literacy is going to be a rarity again.

Think Again:

The creative work of Kyle Bean, a UK artist, is this “book”. According to him, his piece symbolizes “a book/labtop hybrid model to demonstrate how we are sourcing information”. Using this description, we can guess that he’s suggesting that people now have a wide variety of information (the web to books).

However, when I first saw this picture of the book/labtop hybrid, the firs thing that came to mind was how I was not getting enough reading done. My trusty white steed – or MacBook – has been distracting me from my lands of imagination – or literature books (no wonder my kennings are terrible). My Mac is definitely a tool and a privilege, but it comes with its flaws (facebook).

The project is cleverly named “The Future of Books” but that future is to come very soon, or it has already come! Computers and labtops have most certainly brought our lifestyles to a whole new level – with its downsides.

Check out some more of Kyle Bean’s stuff here. (All pictures from there as well)

What do you think? How is “The Future of Books” for you?


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