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Don’t judge by the title! So, my last few posts have been kind of… serious. But here’s a new, fresh, light topic. This post is about the boy you all love to hate: Justin Bieber. I used to be one of you. I used to think he was a homosexual midget, who was my age, singing about picking up girls at parties.

But everything changed after I watched all his music videos on YouTube. I began to see Justin Bieber in a new light. Although I still love to make fun of his all-too-girly voice and his dance steps, I realized how Justin Bieber could actually be appealing to other teenage girls.

1. His Voice is attractive. Most people see his voice as a negative, being too high, but it’s actually kind of sweet if you’re in to voices like his. And you gotta give it to him; he is a talented singer.
2. His Face is hot. Okay, you have to admit it. Justin Bieber is the cutest thing you’ve ever seen! His face is too cute. When he grows up, I predict that he’ll be something like the next Chace Crawford.
3. His Songs are catchy. I don’t know who write his songs, but they should get an award for creating such catchy songs. Songs like Baby, and One Less Lonely Girl are examples. If those songs get stuck in your head, you will never forget their melodies.
4.  His Music Videos portray Justin Bieber in a romantic way that all girls would fall for. Despite the huge fail of his dance steps (no offense Justin!), the music videos make Justin Bieber seem like a really sweet guy who would ‘buy you flowers’ and ‘shower you with kisses’. (from music video One Less Lonely Girl)

So… I hope you didn’t judge me because of the title. I can’t wait for Justin Bieber to go through puberty! He will have the most amazing voice with the most amazing songwriters and the most amazing face! What’s your opinion on Bieber?

Check out his music vid if you haven’t already 😛


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