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I’m sure we’ve all watched a drama from time to time. There’s one drama that I love and hate to watch. It’s Gossip Girl. It airs every Monday on the CW, and I’m sure to have watched it by the next day via Sidereel (No CW in Korea). What’s so intriguing about this drama is that the plot is so exciting. There are always turns and twists in the most unexpected places. Plus, the characters and the clothes are both beautiful! The characters live an extravagant life and a sweet romance that we have probably, at least once in our lives, dreamed of.

Then, why do I hate┬áto watch it? It’s simple: the ending always leaves me hanging, and the breaks are long. Gossip Girls tends to make the ending something totally staggering and unexpected, and CW tends to go on equally staggering and unexpected breaks even during seasons. You can imagine my frustration when on my Sidereel schedule, Gossip Girl does not appear on the monday slot. And seriously. Have you guys watched this Monday’s season finale? How can you give us an ending like that and expect us not to be hungry for more? Even the promos intrigue me!

I almost want to email CW and tell them to start airing again now! And this applies not only to Gossip Girl, but all shows! Do you guys understand my frustration… or is it a teenager thing?

Check out the promo… Don’t tell me that you don’t want to know what happens!


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