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So you have probably all heard about the devastating earthquake in Japan that displaced millions of people. There have been many efforts to help the people in Japan, such as creating prints to sell for no profit.

What does this print say to you?

To me, the poster seemed perfectly normal. It has tasteful design and uses cracked lines of a red circle against a white background to send out a clear message. Obviously, the artist in mind has had good intentions and it has worked. Poster sales have raised up to $7000 for the Japan’s earthquake relief effort!

However, there are some that argue the poster has less-than-good intentions. John Pavlus  (writer and filmmaker) argues on that the poster is distasteful in the fact that the artists’ true intention was to attract more publicity to himself. John also argues that there is nothing to do with this poster once purchased; you wouldn’t hang it up in your living room, he says.

I disagree with Pavlus. The print itself shows careful design elements through use of color and line and proves itself to be aesthetically pleasing. Although you may not hang this up in your living room or your bedroom, you may be able to hang it in your office or a public building to spread awareness and motivate others to donate to this cause as well. The devastating graphic moves people in a way that words just can not. The simple design is a piece of art and doesn’t deserve the criticism that John has poured over it.

See John’s post here:


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