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This week has not been a good week from me. With truly head aching headaches since Tuesday, I have only started to get better today. And then with a nosebleed that wouldn’t stop, I made my first (and hopefully last) trip to the emergency room on Thursday. Thankfully, it wasn’t too serious, and I’m very much myself again, with the exception of a bad cough and bleeding throat. It’s all good.

So here’s my question today: What do you do when you’re not well enough to go out, but not sick enough to just sleep all day? You know, when you’re about 90% recovered, but you really shouldn’t go out, but there’s nothing to do inside? Well, here is the answer to all of your problems. I’ve created a list of my favorite things to do while I’m sick at home!

  1. Watch a movie.
    Maybe an old favorite, or a movie you wanted to watch in theaters but ┬ánever had time for! Personally, I’ve found that fun, light G movies are the best to watch while you’re under the blue. I suggest Pixar movies. They’re cute, fun, and actually, most of the time, meaningful!
  2. Take a bath.
    Why not? I’ve found that most of the time, I’m too busy to take a bath during the weekdays, so while you have all this time to kill, take a bath! A bath is a perfect way to calm down your nerves. You’re probably tired from fighting with all the bacteria in your body! Don’t forget the bubble bath and the bath salt!
  3. Drink lots of tea.
    Whether it’s a cold or a broken hand, it’s always nice to have a warm cup of tea in your hands. Feel the warmth spread into your body. You’ll be better in no time!

  4. Stay away from the computer!
    I know it’s hard. I’ve violated this rule for myself countless amount of times, but this time I didn’t. I avoided my MacBook like it was the swine flu. I’ve found that being on the computer always makes me a little dizzier than before, and my back ache. Just stay away.
  5. Read a book.
    Only if you’re feeling up to it. And like the movie, it should be a light read. A comedy to cheer you up! Something you can read in bed. I’m very cranky when I’m sick, but after reading a funny book, I felt my spirits rise, and felt much, much better!

Just a few suggestions for those not feeling well. I’ve heard that the temperature difference in the morning and the afternoon has been catching up to some people! Or at least that’s what I hear here in Korea. What is your favorite thing to do when you’re sick?

Picture Credit: myself


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