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Can you create these images? on your iPhone?

Created by Kristofer Strom, these images were drawn on hour-long bus rides that he takes every morning. And most amazingly, on his iPhone using Autodesk, a sketchbook app. More impressive than beating that Impossible Quiz app, huh?

These graphics are proof of how technological our era is. Even 5 years ago, if somebody had said you could created amazing thing using your mobile phone, I bet nobody would have believed them. The strides we have made in technology over the last few years are surprising and shocking: multi-tasking phones, tabs with apps, robot vacuum… and the list goes on! It’s no surprise that artists are taking advantage of this technological age in order to create new, creative pieces.

In this era, in order to not be left behind, artists must use new mediums and ideas to experiment with. The traditional style of art is dying. Like during the Victorian Era when there was a shift in art styles, there is a massive shift happening in our century. Artists have moved from solely traditional ways of creating art such as oils and watercolors to using fabrics, photographs, and iPhones to express their ideas.

However different art mediums may be, the goal stays the same: to spread and convey a message through an image or concept.

View more of Kristofer Strom’s work:


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