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Recently, I’ve been into art that involves geometric shapes and clean design. Mike Lythgoe’s work does exactly that. Settled in East London, Mike Lythgoe creates images using photographs of nature and colorful geometric shapes. He works as an illustrator and designer.

The shapes looks so carelessly placed on the photograph, yet it’s so meticulously finished. I think that the sharp lines and the perfectly proportionate figures add to the polished look. His color choices are also right on target as he uses kind of a vintage editing with dark colors (at least in these few photos) to create an cool, savvy look. Mike’s work really carefully mixes and matches different elements of this world and I like it! His abstract collages are the type that I would want to hang up at home. He uses some bright colors in his other illustrations, check them out here:


Another artist that uses nature and shapes is Chris Seddon.

His work is more psychotic and colorful. The mix of pieces of photographs and shapes sometimes confuse you and make your head hurt but I think that’s what makes them so appealing. The colors really stand out and make the illustrations more vivid and surrealistic. Chris Seddon’s work is not entirely about these confusing illustrations. He has a wide variety of pieces that involve lots of geometric shapes and cool gradients and patterns. Make sure you check out his work at :


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