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For the last couple of weeks, our Biology class has been presenting interesting current events happening around the world related to bio. One boy presented the idea of time delay. Most people felt that while jumping off a tall building, they felt as if time went slower. So scientists checked whether time actually did slow. The results were disappointing, and nothing was proved. Timedelay remained – still – only a theory.

This got me thinking about the strange concept of time. It’s always changing, but always constant. You know, when we’re young, all we want if for time to fly by, and be all grown up. But when we are grown up, all we want is for time to slow down. Time just goes by faster when we’re older! Why? Why does everything just pass by faster each year?

When I was talking about this with my mom, she said that it’s because when we’re young, we’re learning so much, so that the time seems to go by slower, but when we’re older, we’re not learning as much so time flies by. I don’t if I should agree with this or not. I don’t get why when we’re learning a lot, time goes by slower. Does that make sense to you? Is it just me?

What I think is that when we’re young, we don’t really have lots of responsibility or pressure on us. Kids don’t have much to do other than have fun! But they’re too young to realize that and not take advantage of it. So we have lots of time just laying around. Then we grow up, and are weighed down with all the things we have to do. Gradually, the weight grows, and we have less time for anything, because we’re too busy trying to make our weight lighter. We look back , and regret how we spent our younger years.

So that’s my theory on how time works as we grow. More things to do = Less time. Found a quote to match today’s post as well! What are your thoughts on how time works? :/ It’s a strange thing!

“Time is free, but it’s priceless. You can’t own it, but you can use it. You can’t keep it, but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it, you can never get it back.”
– Harvey MacKay

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So here’s the quote I want to share today:

“But I’d rather be working for paychecks than waiting to win the lottery”
– First Day of My Life by the Bright Eyes

Perfect quote I thought for the current situation with provided by one of my favorite songs.

As I’m sure you guys have all heard, Google has stopped censoring its search engine in China, against the government’s wishes,and have decided to pull and redirect mainland China to (Google in Hong Kong).

Personally, I feel that Google’s decision is very juvenile, and shows no respect for the Chinese policies. Although Google has every right to pull out of China, the reasoning behind this decision was wrong. The company was wrong to criticize the Chinese Communist ways and their rules. To publicly humiliate the Chinese internationally in such a manner seems just rude. I understand that Google wants netizens on the mainland to have access to censored sites, but that’s not respecting the rules that the government has set in. Google should’ve been ready to follow the Chinese rules when they marched in.

Apart from the whole rudeness of the situation, I believe that Google has lost a huge profit over time. Microsoft entered China several year ago, and although at first sales were slow, China is now the second biggest profit that Microsoft gains from every year. Unlike Google, Microsoft had waited patiently, and slowly rose up in the Chinese market as the people started to warm up to it. Google’s loss!

I think this ties in with the quote again: be patient and work to make things happen instead of just waiting for them to happen by themselves!

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