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¬†“Plastic” by Robin Eley

So many amazing people in this world!

This type of art is a great example of realism. Realism is an arts style that emphasizes paintings that are REAL (no way). This movement began first in the 19th centuries Europe not only in art but also in other art forms such as  literature and theatre. Realists almost always depicted everyday life objects in a secular, empirical form, rejecting earlier Romanticism imagination.

This particular video “Plastic” by Robin Eley can be related to hyperrealism, realism extended so that the painting looks like a photograph. However, unlike a photograph, these painting depict objects as more tangible and soft. The artist may also choose to exaggerate the details in the painting, such as the textures and shadows, in order to create an illusion or reality not even seen on the real object! This movement started around 2000 in Europe and the US.

Crystal Dish with Melons (1990) Mauro David

It’s interesting how people started to move away from realism in the mid 1900s because photography was invented, but they learn from cameras to create new types of art. Hyperrealism paintings are very real but surreal at the same time because it’s done in such high-definition! It has become one of my favorite art genres!


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