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So, today (right now actually) I was doing math homework, but then I decided that writing in my blog is probably a more fun way to spend my time. I’m terrible at math. If I do math problems for too long, my head will ache! Probably the reason I hate it. If I had created education, I would’ve made math only mandatory until middle school.. because honestly, why do we learn math in high school?

Math in middle school is necessary. Up until Algebra I, I can tolerate. I can think of situations where maybe I would have to use that in my daily life. Maybe. But really, as a freshman in high school, studying Geometry, I can’t think of ONE way to use these skills I am learning in my daily life.

I mean, if you are one of those really cool math people who grow up to be engineers or architects, these skills would probably come in handy. But for me, those really dumb people who hate math,  when am I going to ever use these skills? When will I ever have to know how to find the arc length of a circle using an inscribed angle? When will I ever have to know how to graph a circle graph?

I’ll answer those questions for you! Never. I also feel the same way for other high school math classes like calculous or physics. Unless you are going/considering a career closely related to high-level math, then really. I feel like it’s all unnecessary. Honestly, the only valuable skills I have learned in math is probably addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

As more experienced individuals, what do you guys think? Do I really need all these math skills in every day life?


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As I’ve said before, I’m a high school student. And it’s that time of the year again; time to register for our next year courses. It’s way different from middle school – a lot more choices, and a lot more important decisions. The classes I take next year could possibly leave a huge impact on my high school career, and maybe even beyond.

When  I consulted with some friends what classes I should register for next year, one of them said to me: “Just do anything, it’ll just turn out one way or other!” Usually, that’s my philosophy on life. Just go with the flow! But in this situation, I think it’s different. In my opinion, choosing classes in high school is probably a decision that affects you forever. Depending on what classes you’ll take, you’ll probably get to develop different interests. As you further discover those different interests, that’s probably the thing that you’ll major in college, and your job will probably be based on that area of expertise. Maybe I’m taking this a bit too far, but I’m confident that class registrations is something not to be taken lightly.

Thus, the quote. I’m interested in the future, and this time I just won’t ‘go with the flow’. I’m going to decide for myself what the future for me holds. Because I’m going to live in it.

BTW, that’s an original picture made by me. 🙂 Click on the pic for a larger view !

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Today, at school we had short assembly which I found really interesting… I’m sure most of my classmates could agree that it was… strange… Or maybe it was just me.

The assembly started out with the college counselor telling us that if we wanted to go to a top college, we better push our grades up and be in the first decile. If we’re not, we could just forget about attending an ivy league, or even a good college. We were encouraged to ask questions regarding our GPA, and how it would affect our chances of getting in to college, and how it works.

After that, two other teachers put together a presentation that was meant to tell us to relax, and that grades were not important, if we were learning. Learning was the most important thing. It did not matter if you did not have all A’s. If you learned something and got something out of it, then you’re fine! You don’t necessarily need good grades.

I don’t know if you guys do, but do you see the irony here? We’re supposed to get 4.0s and get into the first decile, but we shouldn’t worry too much about having good grades as long as we’re learning. A little bit contradicting no? I actually didn’t think about this though until my math teacher quickly mentioned it during class. Now that I think about it – a lot – it’s… really strange!

In my opinion, I think it’s good to be a little bit stressed about your grades. That way, you can push yourself to do better, and study harder, thus learning during the process! So… to stress or not to stress?!

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