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Just an interesting pic I found a few days ago that I wanted to share!

Actually a famous quote by Democritus!

Isn’t it… so true?

I mean our thoughts, and everything! It’s just opinion. The things that really exist are made up of atoms. Maybe atoms that represents our thoughts, or atoms that can represent our thoughts, but still atoms all the same. I was kind of struggling because of something somebody said that hurt me, but I realized… it’s all just opinion. It won’t matter if I don’t care. It’s not tangible, and I will not let myself be mentally hurt! Seems like I’m depressed all the time if you read this blog… Not the kind of message I was trying to get across!

Thanks for the wise quote Democritus!

I might’ve finally found a theme for my blog… Quotes. A weekly quote to represent how my life is going. Excited!


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