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So, our school’s spring break has started! Although it’s only a week long, I am excited about sleeping in, and pigging out 24/7. But I haven’t exactly been in the ‘spring’ mood recently. Why? Because it’s snowing and it’s cold and it’s windy.

My friend during the summer. Doesn't the picture just shout, "GIVE ME SUMMER!"

Spring is supposed to be the season of warmness, flowers, and just the end of winter! But it’s been feeling just like an extended winter. By mid-march, isn’t it not supposed to snow? Well, a few days ago, we practically had a snow storm. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a little bit, but not much. I’m dead serious. It snowed like it was the middle of January. The weather’s been growing a little warmer these days; I was pretty excited about not having to wear a heavy coat outside. But still – I can’t wait until summer. Short shorts, sleeveless tops, and flip-flops! (It rhymes, maybe I should write a poem)

As much as I love snow and rain…… Summer come to me! Come right now. Please?


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