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I think propaganda is an art form. Since the beginning of nation states, nations have built propaganda in their favor to manipulate its citizens. Most notably, propaganda was especially enforced during wars or totalitarian regimes. There are obvious forms of propaganda like this US World War 2 poster:

However, I also think there are more subtle types of propaganda that we don’t necessarily notice. For example, in this “War Against Terror”. When Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Saddam Hussein were murdered, there were crude pictures to prove their death, used as propaganda to portray the ‘enemies’ as weak and helpless.

Thousands celebrated the recent death of Osama bin Ladin, but the fact that his picture wasn’t released to prove his death (just like the other terrorists) is puzzling. It marks a turning point in modern propaganda, or the lack of.

Look at the propaganda poster. Wouldn’t it just fuel further competition and hatred between the two enemies? It was a wise choice to not release pictures of Osama bin Ladin’s death and to bury him at sea, where no mourning or hate crimes can be committed. The fact that the US troops have decided to honor the religion of the terrorist who had hurt so many shows a step towards diplomatic relations and perhaps a precursor to tolerance between the two.

What Osama bin Ladin did was wrong, no doubt about it. But then again, what the rest of the world did to the Palestinian region was also wrong. The international community has been ‘propaganda-ed’ to see the terrorists from a western point of view, not even considering the reasons behind their actions. Honestly, I think that the more fortunate countries must step up to help the countries in need.


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At school, we’ve been talking about the holocaust and WWII and all that good stuff. And I just finished watching “Schindler’s List”, a movie related to the holocaust and anti-semitism. (It’s a good movie I recommend it) And during all this time, I have one question in my mind. Why don’t they just stop believing?

Honestly, think about it. Keeping your old life for no religion vs. Suffering with religion. And in “Night” by Elie Wiesel, he describes the effects of concentration camp and what it does to you. He wrote that he often doubted the presence of God during the hardest times. Then was it even worth it all? In the beginning of the “Schindler’s List” it shows a scene where rich jews are forced to stuff their belongings into only a few bags, to go to the ghetto (cramped place where all Jews were forced to live). They leave their spacious house with rich furniture, for a small, cracking room to share with at least ten more Jews. Then, a Nazi officer takes their house, lies in their bed and admires the nice house. Seem fair?

So why do these people cling to their religion like it’s the only thing they’ve got? They could still be enjoying life if it wasn’t for their faith. Race isn’t something you can fake, but faith is. In my opinion, there could only probably be a few reasons why they won’t pretend they weren’t Jews:

  1. Nobody had imagined that anti-semitism would go as far as murder. Maybe racism, but not murder. The Jewish community in “Night” was warned, but they did not listen. They thought that the man who warned them was crazy!
  2. The Jews thought that their God would protect them all throughout this.

Those are honestly the only two reasons that I can think of. I believe in my God, but I believe that there are certain limits regarding how far you take religion.

Jews moving to the ghetto, scene from Schindler's List

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